Maplelane Farm Event Centre A Division of K9 Pest Management Group Inc.

                          A Division of K9 Pest Management Group Inc.

Maplelane Farm Event Centre
Dock Diving Pool

Equipped with EV rig and speed retrieve. Coming Soon - "Fetch It"

Maplelane Farm Event Centre
Trainers / Specials

Trainers can rent facilities to hold classes, animal rescues can hold fund-raisers, book the whole facility or the portion that intersts you most.

Maplelane Farm Event Centre
Join in on / a Puppy Yoga Class

Fully Fenced 3 Acre Off  Leash Park For Safe Peace-Of-Mind Training

Dog Sports

Dock Diving Pool, Agility Field, Indoor matted training area and 3 fully fenced acres for Lure Coursing, Disc or Competitions of any kind ! ! !

Doggie Day Care, Boarding, Puppy Yoga Classes

Whether it's just for the day or you are going away, your dog will love their stay here at Maplelane Farm !

Trainers Opportunities

Do you want to hold training classes but need a facility? — look no further. We've hosted everthing from small groups to large events.

Maplelane Farm Event Centre

Maplelane Farm offers a private 3 acre off leash park, lure coursing, disc fields, agility field, obedience and confirmation rings and of course our dock diving pool. Hold your next breed club picnic here and run a CGN (Canine Good Neighbour Test) or Barn Hunt as one of your planned events. At Maplelane Farm Event Centre we have a lot to do in a safe secure environment.

Or if your planning a dog event, fund raising picnic or unique dog event we have the perfect park-like setting with plenty of parking and room for the rental of a gigantic tent. There's endless possibilities ! ! !

Know your pets are safe and secure — Maplelane Farm is also a fully licensed boarding kennel for when you can't take them with you.

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About Maplelane Farm Event Centre

Maplelane Farm originally began as the home of "Maplelane Golden Retrievers". Over the yearsour family has gotten more involved in training and competing in a variety of dog sports. Because of this, we wanted to create an all in one play and safe facility!.

And now that we have, why keep it to ourselves? Maplelane Farm is available for rentals whether it's just for you or you would like to host an event!

About The Maplelane Family

Maplelane Farm is one of a group of companies falling under the umbrella of K9PMG

Sherri Hall owner of Maplelane Farm Event Centre has worked hard to expand her business and continues to provide her Customers with the outstanding services which she is noted for. Sherri winner of "Entrepreneur of the Year Award" 2008

The organization has been 100% professional at all times. We feel that whatever job Sherri undertakes will be accomplished in the same manner.

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Hosted Events

Maplelane Farm Dock Diving Pool
Doc Dogs

In 2013 Maplelane Farm hosted Dock Dogs "Jump for Canada" Featured events included "Big Air" "Speed Retrieve" and "Iron Dog".

Maplelane Farm hosts community and private events
Golden Retriever Rescue Picnic

In 2013 Maplelane Farm hosted the Golden Retriever Rescue Picnic with over 340 volunteers and families attending. Watch video

Pet-Friendly Wedding Venue

In 2013 Maplelane Farm had a busy year hosting one of our biggest weddings ever !